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What if You Trust the Universe?

It is easy to say I trust the Universe, and challenging to do in everyday life. So, what would happen if you did place your trust in the Universe; truly believed that everything would work out just as it was intended to without fear or judgment of the outcome?

Trusting the Universe doesn’t mean we don’t play a part in what happens. It doesn’t mean sitting back and expecting everything to happen for us. But, it does mean having a goal you are working towards and believing that things will happen just as they are meant to. It means going into everything without fear. It means seeing the opportunities that are awaiting you.

How often has an opportunity come your way, and you didn’t go for it because it might mean you would get hurt or lose something? But, what did you miss?

I just entered a new relationship that seems too good to be true. He’s kind, funny, intelligent, caring, and more. But, I found myself questioning if it was as good as it felt. I wondered if it would be the kind of relationship that started off great and fizzled out quickly. I was worried I would become invested and then have my heart broken.

After a ton of conversations with friends who told me to trust it and enjoy the experience, that is what I have decided to do. I may end up hurt, or I may not. The question my friend asked while paraphrasing Taylor Swift, “Is the high worth the pain?” My immediate answer was yes. I am having fun, enjoying spending time with him, and getting to know him. So, I will trust that Universe has something planned for me, even if I don’t know what that is yet.

What are the things we miss when we don’t trust that the Universe is at work and ignore it? If you say no to everything that comes your way because it may not go as planned, you miss out on so much. Will everything work out every time? Probably not, and yet, how much will you learn by leaning into what the Universe has planned for you?

The more you listen to the Universe and trust that amazing things will happen, the easier it will be to keep trusting that there are bigger things at play than we can even see. Each time you trust and see the opportunity the Universe puts in front of you without fear and judgment of the outcome, the easier it will be the next time. Looking for what you learned and experienced when it doesn’t go according to your plan will give you so much information, and maybe, just maybe, the Universe has something even bigger planned for you than you could have ever imagined.

I’m going to leave you with a challenge. Look for places where you’re playing small and aren’t listening to the Universe. You may feel a call to a new career, and fear of failure has stopped you from even applying to that job. You may want to start painting, but you aren’t because you’re not “good enough” right now. Maybe it is not jumping into a new relationship that could cause pain. Act on those opportunities and see what magic happens.


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