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Soil, Seeds, Water and Light

Plants are 100% my new obsession. I am fascinated by how a tiny seed can become something so vast and full of life. It got me thinking about everything that needs to happen in just the right way for a tiny hard seed to become a beautiful, life-giving plant.

Germinating just about any seed starts with the soil. Soil is just death when you think about it. All the plant matter that has died is what a seed needs to create new life. If something hadn't died, then a plant would not have a chance of growing. So there is a need for a part of us to "die-off," making room for growth. We have to let go of our old ways to start a new self-love and personal development journey. We use what was holding us back as the soil to plant the seeds of the new life we want to create.

Next, that tiny seed needs water, in part to soften the hard coating protecting the seed until it has found a place for it to grow. Finally, even seeds need the intense heat of a wildfire to crack that shell, meaning things must die to prepare for growth. Personal development often comes when we shed that protective layer put in place when we were young. That protective coating serves a purpose for both the seed and us. It keeps the seed safe until it finds a place to grow and keeps us safe from pain or trauma until we are ready and able to open up to healing. Even the tiniest of cracks allows the seed to develop roots preparing for the incredible things to come.

As that seed softens, the roots begin to form, moving down into the soil designing an intricate system to ensure the plant can nourish itself. Roots grow down, setting a solid foundation to support the impending growth. There is so much happening below the surface in preparation for the beauty that is coming. Like those plants developing roots that are yet to be seen, the work we do begins under the surface. We decide to change and shed that protective coating creating an opportunity to root ourselves for the coming journey. We must do the work, the growth, under the surface to grow towards the light.

Then comes the sun, which helps that plant produce the energy it needs to grow and also tells that tiny seed which way the roots and leaves need to mature. Without the sun's light coaxing the plant's leaves to the surface, it would not have the opportunity to use that light to produce food. Next, the sun guides the plant towards growth, and once the plant has broken the surface, the light provides nourishment for continued growth. Finally, the light brings the leaves out of the surface towards greatness and beauty.

Lastly, that plant needs fertilizer, water, and light to continue its growth journey over time. Therefore, the plant must continue to be nourished to grow. If left without those life-giving nutrients, it will wither and die.

We are like these tiny seeds begging to become something more significant, beautiful, and full of life in so many ways. We must break through the pain to come out of the darkness holding us back. It's not an easy process, and we must continue to do the work that keeps us growing towards that life-giving light. Once we are ready to do the work, we begin to grow roots, preparing us for the inevitable pain that will come by uncovering those deep wounds from the past. Once we have burst through the surface and the hard shell has been broken, the work doesn't end. We must keep nourishing our souls for growth to continue.

Coaching helps with this growth. It helps identify what is keeping us in our shell, unable to create a life full of beauty. COaching pushes you to learn what you can do to grow and burst through the surface into the light. Continued work with a coach will uncover how we can continue that growth, becoming the fulfilled human we were created to be. So reach out and learn what coaching can offer you.

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